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Hi, my name’s Claire but everybody calls me Kiky since I was a baby.

As a teenager I always had problems with my skin, unfortunately I was not born with a smooth skin like many of my friends … I spent hours in front of the mirror trying to improve my aspect, with no luck. I felt so bad about my skin that sometimes I was even ashamed to go out and I felt everyone’s eyes on me.

When you don’t feel good about yourself your whole life is affected, friends, family and work.

I’ve tried so many creams, gels, oils but with very few results, I got disappointed time and time again.

At that point it was clear that I absolutely had to try something different and this is how finally, thanks to the use of more professional products, I was able to solve my problems.

From that moment my life changed, I immediately felt confident, I could go out without thinking about others people’s judgment.

Thanks to my new daily skin care I solved my skin imperfections problem and with the renewed confidence that this gave me I managed to be successful in all areas of my life.

After what happened to me I promised myself that my goal would be to help other people achieve the same confidence and happiness I’ve now.

So I decided to start Kiky Beauty, where I propose the products that help me and have helped me along my path.

Every day with my staff research and study new products to improve people’s skin.

Thanks for your trust, and welcome in our family!


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